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You are about to begin your own personal journey to wellness.  Below you will find various topics- with videos from professionals, lived testimonials, and resources shared that can help you along your path to living your BEST life!
Take time to enjoy the journey!   ~ Jeanine

Emotional Health 

Short videos to Educate, Encourage, & Support! 

Designed to help with personal reflection and growth- each with a 'Listen, Reflect, and Apply' document in the video description to help you dive deeper into the topics 

Gratitude! (3:02)

STOP the Hurt, SHINE a Light- on gratitude!  (1:01)

Understanding Our Anger (3:05)

STOP the Hurt, SHINE a Light- on Our Anger  (1:01)

Don't Lose Hope- you CAN control your thoughts (5:17)

The Truth Shall Set You FREE! - moving past guilt & shame (5:00)

From Trash to Treasure!  (4:40)

Storms of Life!  (3:43)

Learning To Fly!  (11:37)

Lessons From an Ant- on perserverance & teamwork  (6:08)

Learning To Forgive! (2:19)

STOP the Hurt, SHINE a Light- on forgiveness!  (1:01)

Do you SEE what I SEE? - a lesson on perspective (4:30)

Where Are Your Choices Taking You?  (3:17)

Keep Looking Forward  (4:03)

STOP the Hurt, SHINE a Light- on overcoming! (1:01)

Look UP! (3:02)

Show Me Your Scars  (3:35)

Change is Inevitable!  (4:35)

I Wish I Were... a story on using your gifts! (9:53)

Share Your Story! -using our journeys to help others! (2:31)

Personal Testimonies 

Learning to Forgive- after a murder (7:00)

Michelle, shares her story of moving through childhood abuse & trauma (5:02)

Steve, shares his mental health struggles & journey to help (6:05)

Professional Insights 

A Youth Therapist- discusses trauma & coping skills (24:13) 

A Life Coach- discusses how to get un-stuck (30:00)

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