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Share Your  Journey!

My Journey
of Wellness

This is a space is to uplifted others through your journey of wellness!  
Take a moment to share how you've grown and been encouraged through this resource, provide some feedback, and encourage others to begin their own journey of wellness! 

Share Your Journey-and leave a testimonial

Some reflections along the way...

"Thank you for everything this site has to offer.  The wealth of information and encouragement is awesome!" 

"I love these videos, this website & the numerous resources! An amazing collection of personal stories & professional insight & expertise! The Listen, Reflect & Apply additions that go along with each video are wonderful prompts & opportunities to take the topics deeper & to challenge the viewer & are perfect for group therapy, educational & business settings. There's something for everyone here to enhance a person's Journey of Wellness!"  

"After viewing the Mental Health Moment video 'Understanding Our Anger', I've thought about the anger iceberg all week!  It was really eye opening and helped me to look at situations, and people, differently." 

"Having worked on the railroad, we see  people who choose to end their lives on the tracks, and it's hard to deal with what we have just done, and un-see what we have just seen.  We need resources like this- I'm going to share these videos with others on the railroad in hopes it gives them some support and helps them heal."

"I couldn't stop watching these videos- they are absolutely excellent!!!  After learning and feeling more empowered seeing the 'something to smile' about clips was like putting icing on a cake! Thank you!!!"

"This is a much-needed tool to help many! 
I know for myself, I appreciate how easy it is to navigate and flow through the topics I need to hear from!  Thank you for putting this together!"

"I recently lost my ex-husband, my friend, and the father of my kids to suicide. It hurts my heart every day to see our kids in pain. It's just been so hard... this resource was helpful!"

"I didn't realize how much I needed these videos- they have really helped me to heal and work through a lot.  I'm so glad I have these!" 

"I'm a medical student who recently had the opportunity to shadow clinicians in the psychiatric ward as part of my rotation. This experience has deeply influenced my understanding of mental health and reinforced my commitment to advocating for better support and resources for individuals facing mental health challenges. During my time there, I've encountered remarkable stories of resilience and recovery, but I've also witnessed the pressing need for accessible mental health resources. In my efforts to contribute beyond the confines of the hospital, I've come across a comprehensive compilation of mental health resources that I believe could be tremendously beneficial to share:  Given your platform's focus on mental health topics, I believe this resource could be a valuable addition for your readers, providing them with the support and guidance they might be seeking!" 

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